One of the best in West Beach, White Rock area.

Welcome to the West Beach Bar and Grill where the drinks keep flowing and the food is always sizzling. You can enjoy a full bar, and there is something for everyone at this bar and grill. Thanks to our resident chefs, our broad menu offers dishes that reflect the diverse culinary heritage in Canada with ingredients sourced from local suppliers. Our top notch culinary team knows exactly what you want to eat, and you can choose from our extensive food and drinks menus that have the best of everything for everyone. Our menu is always evolving and so you are invited to check us out and remember to bring your appetite.

Excellent ambiance You can have a wonderful time at our bar and grill thanks to the wonderful ambience. Our décor and lighting will immerse you in an experience like no other, and you will want to stay longer to soak in the atmosphere, look around and just enjoy the place like you would when you visit a friend’s place. A visual experience is what you can expect when you patronize our establishment, and the place is conducive for relaxation after a hard day’s work. The interior is simply decorated and it projects a lot of atmosphere.

Great service When it comes to customer care, you can expect service with a smile from our friendly and highly trained staff. We shall cater to all your needs and you will be made to feel special. Our employees always smile and greet patrons warmly when they arrive. The bartenders are always on standby when you walk in the room, and you can expect fast and efficient service when you order a drink. If you’re a regular customer, our employees make an effort to learn your name, what you normally order, and where you prefer to be seated. Now that’s what you call first class service.

Reasonable prices We have been serving in White Rock, South Surrey and British Columbia for a long time now and we have the experience to offer the best service to our patrons. Our years of experience, highly trained staff, and attention to detail combine to give you the best bar and grill experience. This is a great establishment to hang out with your friends while eating and drinking and just being merry. The food and drinks are reasonably priced and you will get your money’s worth. You can also save money because we are always offering discounts and special promotions to our customers.

The grill If you love your meat, then you should rejoice because the age of exquisite barbeque is here. Nothing satisfies a man-sized appetite like a rack of juicy ribs, fresh off the grill and dripping with flavor. If there’s still room, you can eat the coleslaw but make sure you don’t miss out on our carnivorous grill delights. The best things in life take time, and our meat is slow grilled over aromatic wood, and it will come out sizzling with flavor. If you want your meat medium rare that is exactly how it will be prepared. We have the best grill masters in town, and they will grill your meat to perfection.

International cuisine We also offer international cuisine and you can find your favorite meals from around the globe. Whether it’s Italian pasta, Mexican tortillas, Chinese rice and noodles or Indian curry, you can find comfort food to satisfy your hunger. All our meals are generously sized, and you will feel satisfied by the end of the evening. Our chef doesn’t skimp on the spices and flavorings and so you can expect to have your taste buds treated to a sensuous delight. You can also feast your eyes as you eat because our chefs are highly skilled in the art of food presentation.

Fresh ingredients We offer the best meals in town because we only use the freshest ingredients when preparing our food. Our meat is known to be the best around town and you can expect to eat to your heart’s content. We also offer mouth-watering desserts and you can choose from a broad menu. To wash down your meal, you can also choose from the coffee menu, and you can order a latte, cappuccino or espresso. Whatever your taste in coffee, you can find your favorite drink on our menu.

Events and celebrations If you have a celebration coming up, be sure to book our restaurant to host your party. Whether it’s a wedding, Christmas party, birthday celebration, graduation party or you just want to get together with your friends and family, allow us to organize the party night for you. We have hosted many parties at our establishment over the years, and each event has been roundly successful. We have a diverse range of food and drinks on offer, and if you’re looking for the best entertainment Surrey can provide for a special occasion, our venue is the ideal choice.